We don't cut corners.

We're passionate about doing things right. We never cut corners, and we believe everyone should be just as square. Our efforts on this site are dedicated to pointing out places in our industry where corners are being cut, and where they’re not.

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Reviewing local digital marketing

When it comes to online marketing, there are tons of trends and buzzwords. How are business owners supposed to know which ones to pay attention to? Prospect Genius Reviews helps you cut through the hype by spelling out how different digital marketing tools and services really work, and what that means for local businesses. We out the folks who cut corners and give kudos to the tools and services that truly help you advertise your company.

Prospect Genius Reviews highlights the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to various Web marketing services, tools, and approaches. Looking through the lens of what’s best for small, local businesses, we’re not shy when it comes to telling you the truth about what works—and what doesn’t.
Digital marketing services and tools make a lot of claims, and a lot of those sound fantastic. But are they too good to be true? How do they work, anyway? Is this particular option the right one for your business? Prospect Genius Reviews can help you decide.
Prospect Genius has specialized in online marketing for local businesses since 2007. We’ve seen lots of tools and tricks come and go, and talked to countless business owners who have been burned by corner-cutters in the past. Prospect Genius Reviews is our way to share our knowledge so your local business has the info you need to make sound Web advertising decisions.

The Internet marketing industry is full of false promises, misleading information, unrealistic expectations, and flat-out lies. Rather than complain about it, we're trying to do something to proactively shrink the knowledge gap. By publishing reviews of all sorts of Internet marketing-related topics, our hope is that the average business owner will be better equipped to make informed decisions, and therefore, less likely to fall victim to schemes, fraud, and other traps.

Alex Pelli, Prospect Genius President

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Prospect Genius Reviews: WordPress for Website Hosting

When shopping around for website hosting options, you likely came across WordPress. WordPress is a widely popular content management system (CMS) used by small businesses and bloggers alike. But is it right for you? How well does it lend itself to the website needs of small businesses? In this installment of “Prospect Genius Reviews…,” we’ll […]

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